The Hormone Ease Membership

Say “Hello” to happy, regular, pain-free periods, and optimized fertility!

 “Bye-bye” fatigue, overwhelm, and fried nerves

 “Peace out” to that one-size-fits all, negative self-talk riddled approach to food and exercise

 “What’s up?!” energy, mental clarity, stable mood, and stronger relationships

“Heck Yes” to a nourished pregnancy and postpartum season and beyond

This is your time to rediscover your vision and values, prioritize your time, and focus on what matters most to you! We’re here to help.

I believe that too often we put a bandaid on top of a splinter, when we should grab some tweezers instead. 

In our time we begin to dig deeper into those little whispers (or loud siren calls) your body is sending. 

Together we will get to know your body and her cyclical nature, so that we can nourish her back to balance with EASE, because feeling better doesn’t have to be a struggle. 

Your menstrual cycle, your mood, and health, don’t have to feel like this mysterious thing that happens to you.

You don’t have to move through these seasons of transition, or your journey to motherhood alone. 

You deserve support.

Community gives us a solid foundation To ground down into, and a safety net in which to land.

Core Components: 

  • Initial 1:1 45 minute consultation 

  • Daily accountability and community in a private Voxer group 

  • Weekly membership calls in community with Anna, that hold space for your story and heart

  • Quarterly Guest Speakers brought into our membership calls, based on members interests

  • Regularly updated resource library filled with menu planning inspo, pre-recorded movement practices, nutrition education, mindfulness + journaling prompts, meditations, routine building support for implementing your ease-y lifestyle shifts  

  • Personalized testing, supplementation, complimentary support recommendations

  • Access to deeply discounted group classes at Nurture Nashville Yoga

How the Hormone Ease Membership Works: 

I’m here to help you get to know and nourish your fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and overall well-being through:

  1. Community- this is your safe place to land and share your story as you move through healing and big life transitions, we talk through all the things that make you, YOU! (Relationships, finances, work/home-life balance, food, physical activity, daily routines, self-talk, motivation, your core values, all the things! Because it’s all connected!)

  2. Body Literacy- understand the phases of your menstrual cycle and all four trimesters of pregnancy, demystify dysfunction to mitigate symptoms, learn to move with your body, and create an empowering mindset

  3. Root Cause Approach- Heal your gut, stabilize your blood sugar (and mood!) and reduce physical + emotional stressors on your body through nutrition, mindfulness practices, and routine building for lifestyle management, release inflammation by decreasing endocrine disruptors and toxic load


- Join the membership for $97/month

- 3 months minimum (long enough to implement shifts and see the progress they create), then month to month thereafter

- your membership renews automatically every 30 days by autopay to your card on file
- once your monthly membership fee has been charged, it can't be refunded
- to CANCEL/END, email [email protected] 30 days before your next billing date
- to PAUSE/FREEZE email [email protected] 30 days before your next billing date & let us know what date you want to restart 
- Your membership will automatically restart on the date you set.
- if you wish to UNPAUSE sooner than anticipated, just let us know & we'll adjust that for you. 

What it is not:

  • A workout program

  • Diet/Cleanse

  • Restriction or deprivation

  • Quick fix or Bandaid

  • One-size-fits-all

The Structure:

The Voxer group and your resource library are always there for you to ensure you have the support you need between sessions.

If you would like to take advantage of live group classes (in addition to the precorded classes in your resource library) at a steeply discounted rate at Nurture Nashville email [email protected]

Our membership meetings happen weekly (with scheduling shifts made for holidays)-

Wednesdays 12:30pm CST

HE Pregnancy + Postpartum 

Wednesdays 6pm CST

HE Beyond: Women’s Health Happy Hour

Wednesdays 7:30pm CST

HE Preconception Prep 

Drop-in Movement 

(open to all HE members):


Family Friendly, All Body Flow 6pm-6:45pm CST


Strong & Steady Sculpt 12-12:30pm CST

to optimize your hormones + nourish your pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond?

Are You Ready...

What Others Are Saying...

“Before our time together, I felt overwhelmed. Everything was a priority, so nothing was getting done. I felt defeated, like I was at the mercy of what my body was going to choose to do. Marriage at an all time low. I felt worthless. I felt like I was a victim of my days. I needed emotional support, to be challenged, and asked the hard questions. My priorities have shifted week to week. Emotional support was my biggest need in the beginning and now it's more practical. During our time together I've learned that by prioritizing my physical and mental health, I can accomplish what is necessary. I’m listening and understanding body's wants and needs, developing better self-care practices. I'm proud of myself. I'm more effective and in control of my days. I've learned to give myself grace and hold myself accountable and treat my body as it is as important as everyone else in my family. I genuinely feel like I am worth that effort and attention. There's a greater sense of purpose and peace. I treat myself as a priority and am far more effective in every area of my life. I am more available and have more capacity physically and emotionally everyday. Mentally and emotionally having healthy boundaries has also caused me to be more present for my family, not just there with them physically. I am also mentally engaged and involved. (In marriage) Having an awareness of my worth has actually created a stronger bond between us . I am treated like I'm more valuable because I behave like I'm more valuable. I feel like I've returned to a more authentic self. ”

Beyond HE member

Lisa P

“I’m 21 weeks pregnant today! It’s helped me learn to listen to my cues, and have healthier options that weren’t chips or ice cream.”

Former Preconception Client


“I reached out to Anna for infertility, motivation & accountability for healthy living, and connection to others. Before our time together I felt helpless and stuck in a rut. During our time together I have gained support, motivation, tips for making healthier food choices and meal planning. and connection to other women in similar circumstances. Anna is relatable, gentle, friendly, kind, and knowledgeable. I would recommend Anna to any woman struggling with menstrual complications and infertility looking to make healthy changes in her life.”

Currently Pregnant HE Member


“I reached out to Anna for nutritional guidance, pregnancy/hormone preparation, and life skills/business coaching. Before our work together I felt overwhelmed easily, trying to keep up but mostly feeling behind the ball with home stuff/routine, food prep was hit or miss, some relational stress. Our time together has helped me with tuning into intuition, learning to reframe and shift perspective towards myself and body, business coaching tips and many ideas. I have loved the routine focus, especially evening and morning routine, and block scheduling. I have found small ways to meal prep and plan. I have also practiced tuning into where my current struggles are, and with your help coming up with a plan to shift direction or make helpful changes. I have also loved observing your coaching style, how you ask questions and make space for me. It's given me a better idea of how I would want to coach and tools to use, like asking great questions and staying curious ("tell me more" "what sounds supportive?" repeating what I said and commenting). I also love the parenting and relational support! You truly DID create a safe space for me… A safe nonjudgmental space for me to really share honestly what was going on in my space. I’m blown away and really thankful for you! I love that you continue to encourage and believe that I’m in the drivers seat. I love your perspective because it really ALIGNS with what I believe, which is that you are respecting the persons choice and their ability to choose decide and take ownership of their life. That made me feel safe too! I’m still taking ownership of this process and you are there to support and guide. I also love that you acknowledged my fear, and that it’s normal to feel fear. It was so helpful to process out the noise, so that I can tune into deep down and where I’m at! THANK YOU ANNA!”

Currently Pregnant HE Member


“The major change has been fertility. After a few months of changing my diet, and finding things that are for me, that help alleviate stress, we are now pregnant. The other thing is being open to new foods that have increased my energy. I’m also more calm during my day. ”

Former Preconception Client


“Before our work together, I was breaking out a lot, waking up a lot at night, overall in a funk. Now I have felt more like “me,” more consistently. I learned that my body was having a difficult time getting rid of estrogen efficiently, and foods to incorporate in my luteal phase to help my body detoxify. Keeping track of my cycle more diligently, has allowed me to notice when food is impacting my mood, or hormones, or something else I need to address. I have gotten to know my body better, and how to nourish it better.”

Former Client


“My top three reasons for reaching out to Anna were I felt my hormones were off and with her help ive gotten to the root of some issues with the help of drs as well. Before our time together I felt a little alone and kind of distant not on the same page as my group of acquaintances. The biggest shift I’ve noticed during this time is that I’ve been more patient willing to talk things out without arguing or blowing up. In our time together I have grown to love who I am. Anna is very soft and caring about our feelings, and situations. The recommendations I’ve found most helpful, are using my mantras and time for myself, putting things into others perspectives.”

Beyond HE Member


“I was living on pizza and cereal... Total revamp of how I look at life, and how I look at food, and where I find my peace and joy. I lost 51 pounds. I sleep better. I have more energy. My joints don't hurt. I appreciate you helping to get me where I am healthy and happy again!”

Former Client


“I have found a better way to motivate myself... the best ways to get my nutrition. I think this is for everybody, from healthy the the middle: who know what to do, but need the kick to do it! Your support, and your kindness, and the way you were willing to find answers to my questions, or even things I hadn't thought of... I just really recommend you to anyone!”

Former Client


“Anna Is Supportive, Patient, Knowledgable, Encouraging, easy to talk to, caring and friendly. I would recommend her to anyone looking to make a change that needs support. ”

Former Client


“Anna was able to help me work toward my goals by providing tools to manage my work and family life challenges. I have been able to find a balance, to find a way to be enjoy and be grateful for what I have. I am also able to create healthy meal plans for my family. Anna is caring and patient, and I would recommend her to someone that needs someone to hold them accountable. ”


Lisa H

to optimize your hormones + nourish your pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond?

Are You Ready...

How does this work?

If you are ready to get to know + nourish your Hormone Ease let's chat!

If you're on the fence, wondering ..."should I spend money on myself right now” or "can't I do this on my own?," or "I don’t really think I have time to commit to anything else”

I hear you!

Your concerns are valid. And that’s exactly why:

* There is a sliding scale option for those who need it email [email protected]. I never want finances to keep you from receiving the support you want and need.

* If you’ve been dealing with crappy periods, unstable moods, a wonky metabolism, or fertility challenges for a while now, you’ve probably tried a few things (like diets, supplements, exercises, etc) to help yourself. BUT for some reason, it never feels like enough.

Trying to “stick with it“ on your own, leaves you stuck in a vicious cycle of feeling defeated, lost, overwhelmed, and depleted.

This membership will give you community and accountability, and a new approach to help you dig to the roots of imbalance and nourish your individual mind and body well! No more “one size fits all,” no more isolation, no more depriving yourself, we’ve got your back!

* We are busy everyday and always, that’s why learning to build time for yourself into your daily routine is a foundational element this membership provides. Our weekly calls are about an hour, and I encourage you to join us for at least two a month. Implementing what we talk about takes about 15 minutes a day, with options to add in more time for you or less when you can!

I have openings for complimentary calls if you are wondering if this is for you. (Just click that “Call Anna” button above!)

 We can chat through your goals and concerns to see if joining us is a good fit for you right now. 

Registration closes on November 5th (space is limited).

Your Resource Library

  • 01

    Getting Started!

  • 02

    Journal/Voxer About It!

    • Envision An Ideal You

    • Create Space for a Positive Mindset

    • Make Space

    • Inspiration Pit Stop: Spotlight on Gratitude

    • Gratitude

    • Positive Practice

    • Inspiration Pit Stop: Spotlight on Fear

    • What Would You Do If You Weren't Afraid?

    • Transforming Fear During Big Transitions

    • Early Morning Pages

  • 03

    Happy Healthy Hormone Basics

    • Happy Healthy Hormones, Made Easy (Link to View)

    • Happy Healthy Hormones, Made Easy

    • Body Literacy

    • It Takes Two! Nourishing Male Fertility

    • Egg + Sperm Quality

    • Healthy Cervical Mucus

    • Luteal Phase Issues

    • Gut Health for Hormone Balance

    • Pleasureable Periods

    • Low Estrogen

  • 04


    • Done in 5!

    • Eating for Each Phase of Your Menstrual Cycle

    • The Making of a Mindful Mouth

    • What's On My Plate?

    • Menu Planning Cheat Sheet

    • Grocery List

    • Healthy Substitutions

    • Lunch Box Ideas

    • Dirty Dozen, Clean Fifteen

    • Crowding Out: Controversial Ingredients

    • Navigating Labels

    • Deconstructing Cravings

    • The Facts on Fats

    • Glorious Greens

    • Adding in More Green

    • Great Grains

    • Powerhouse Proteins

    • Understanding Portion Sizes

    • AtoZofVitaminsandSupplements

    • Hormone Ease Menu

    • Menstruation + Follicular Menu

    • Ovulatory + Luteal Menu

    • Quick & Easy Menu

    • Happy Menu

    • Thyroid Love Menu

    • PCOS Menu

    • Autoimmune Paleo (AIP) Menu

    • Leaky Gut Menu

    • Anti-Candida Menu

    • Gut Friendly Menu

    • Fresh and Light Menu

    • Fast Metabolism Support Menu

    • Fast Metabolism Support Menu (High Calorie, High Protein)

    • Bentos & Bowls (Quick + Easy Meal Ideas)

    • Activation Versus Supplementation with Trina

    • Thyroid love, hormones, and gut health with Kira Whitman

    • Healthy habits with Michele Riechman

  • 05

    Mindful Self-Care

    • Done in 10!

    • Healthy Sleep

    • Creating a Routine You LOVE

    • Meditation for Anger & Frustration

    • Amp Up Your Energy

    • Meditation

    • Hot Water Bottle

    • Healthy At Home

    • Hot Towel Scrub

    • Tongue Cleaner

    • Love Your Finances

    • Budget Basics

    • Balancing Work and Home Life

    • Love Your Relationships: Overcoming Conflict

    • Love Your Relationship: Communication Basics

    • Love Your Relationships: Date Nights In

    • Love Languages

    • Tidy Up Your Mind

    • Peace

    • Connection

    • Acceptance

    • Intro to Reiki

    • Breathwork with Ali Levine

    • Surrender Breathwork with Ali

    • EFT Tapping with Landy

    • Somatic Experiencing with Landy

    • Moving through emotional blocks and fostering healthy communication with Bridget Covill

  • 06


    • Why Move?

    • Slowing Down Movement Luteal + Menstrual Phases

    • Energized Sculpt Series Follicular + Ovulatory Phases

    • Flow for Digestion

    • Balanced Flow

    • Flow for Length + Strength

    • Flow

    • Yoga for Energy

    • Strong Flow + Stretch

    • Flow to Hip Open + Stretch

    • Yoga for Heart Opening

    • Holiday Warm & Cozy Yoga Sculpt

    • 10 minute Cardio + Booty Work

    • 10 minute Deep Core Activation

    • Full Body Sculpt

    • Strong&SweatySculpt

    • 30min Sculpt

    • 5min office workout upper body

    • 5min office workout lower body

    • Centered Stretch (18min)

    • Centered Flow (19min)

    • Summer Celebration Sculpt (47min)

    • 30min Slow Flow

    • Strengthen & Stretch

    • Neck and Shoulders Slow Flow

    • (45min) Core + Hips Strengthen & Stretch

    • Dancing Slow Flow

    • Body Scan Meditation and Gentle Movement with Kristy

    • Strengthen and Stretch with Faith

    • Pelvic Floor Restore with Dr. Tina

    • Restorative Yoga with Kristy

    • Pelvic Floor and Core Restore with Dr. Tina

    • Full Body Strengthen and Stretch with Michele Riechman

    • Slow Flow with Bette

    • Bodyweight Strengthen and Stretch with Anna

  • 07

    Building Baby: Pre/Postnatal Resources

    • Journal Prompts for Connection

    • Prenatal Nutrition

    • A: Prenatal Yoga

    • B: Prenatal Yoga

    • C. Prenatal Yoga 30 min Hips

    • D. Prenatal Flow 30min

    • Prenatal Menu

    • Movement Modifications- Prenatal Core and Pelvic Floor

    • The Pregnant Circulatory System

    • Glucose Tolerance and Gestational Diabetes

    • The First Forty Days by Heng Ou (Excerpts & Cliff Notes)

    • Restless Legs Syndrome in Pregnancy

    • Safe Co-sleeping Guidelines

    • Postpartum Journaling

    • Postnatal Menu

    • Infant Massage

    • Rest in Postpartum

    • Pelvic Floor for Pregnancy + Postpartum with Jenny Archer, PT

    • Movement for Pelvic Floor (follow-up from our talk with Jenny Archer, PT)

    • Lactation Q&A with Melinda Ring, IBCLC

    • 45min Prenatal Yoga

    • Pelvic Floor Chat with Dr. Tina Harris