Featuring a full day of group wellness coaching, guest speakers, clean farm to table plant-based food, postpartum friendly/mama-baby yoga, massage therapy, rest, and relaxation on the gorgeous rolling hills of Leipers Fork, TN; this getaway will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and inspired!   

“I felt overwhelmed and tired. I haven’t put myself first since motherhood. I was unhappy with my life. Before ... I felt depressed hopeless.

Over the weekend I’ve gained self-confidence and a clear vision of what I want. As I leave the women’s wellness weekend I feel hopeful and relieved.” 

~Shelby B.

New motherhood is full of beauty, warmth, and love.

It’s also brimming with spit up, blow outs, and sleep deprivation. On top of that, being a postpartum mom, caregiver, and partner, can become isolating.

It’s difficult to be patient, connect deeply, and feel okay mentally/emotionally when you’re exhausted and damp.

That’s why I started planning the Women’s Wellness Weekend Getaway. 

This time last year, my then six month old was wearing me out, and I needed a bit of adult conversation, nourishing foods, a massage, movement, and rest. 

I needed to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and hear that it was possible I’d sleep again one day soon.

Last Fall, you shared how helpful a daytime event would be for moms with small babies. Instead of having to manage a big change in routine, and packing in all the nighttime gear; you and your littlest can come connect with other mamas and babies, during this full day self care event in Leipers Fork, TN. 

Childcare will be available on-site during the breakout sessions.

We will come together, build relationships, and support one another. We’ll share ideas on Surviving and Thriving in the Messiness of New Motherhood.

We weren’t made to do this alone!

It doesn’t have to always feel so tough.

Come relax, hit the refresh button, then head home renewed with tools to manage all the things with more presence and EASE!


(subject to change based on weather, availability, and group preferences):

Sunday, November 10th

10:30- 11:30 am Welcoming Opening Circle

As we join each other in the space, we’ll begin with a safe, compassion filled, introductory circle, to connect, laugh, cry, and talk about life with our little ones.

11:30- 12:30 pm  Postpartum/Mama-Baby Yoga

Connect with yourself, and your little, during this nurturing, strengthening practice designed specifically for your postnatal body and spirit.

12:30- 1:30 pm Farm to Table Lunch 

Guest Speaker Emily Pardy, of Ready Nest Counseling, will lead Group Conversation on, “Surviving and Thriving in the Messiness of New Motherhood.”

2:00-4:00 pm Breakout Sessions~ Half Hour Each (childcare available)

1. 30 min Relaxing Massage

by Ragan Chambers.

Slip into an oasis, as our specially trained postnatal massage therapist creates an atmosphere of comfort and security, customizing your massage specifically to your body’s needs. Towels and cushions are available to support nursing and freshly postpartum moms to make sure you’re cozy and properly covered, in any position. Take a sigh of relief Mama, this renewing time is just for YOU!

2. Pelvic Floor + Alignment Based Trail Walk (baby-wearing friendly)

Led by Taylor Broggie, of Anthology Wellness

Step into nature and get acquainted with the new and improved you in this short alignment-focused trail walk. In addition to a breath of fresh air and splendid view, you’ll discover the body alignment principles to relieve neck and shoulder tension during feedings, and the simple adjustments you can make, to begin regaining proper core + pelvic floor function for pain-free (accident-free) movement. 


3. Snack Demo with Well Chat: Simply Nourishing Clean Eats

Led by Anna Shalray.

Postpartum life is full of one handed meals. In this simple snack demo, we’ll discuss the most nourishing, healing foods, you can add in, all while holding your sweet baby! Let’s make fun, flavorful, clean eats with ease! 


4. Guided Journaling Prompt or Art Therapy

Sometimes Mama just needs a moment. During this creative exercise we’ll connect you with simple self-care strategies to give you that getaway feeling ANYTIME!

4:00- 4:30 pm Closing Circle with Interactive Sound Meditation

With Massood Taj.

In an ideal world, we’d have peaceful moments of rest whenever we want, or need. BUT as anyone with little humans knows, it’s pretty unpredictable. Ya gotta take rest where you can find it, am I right?! During this closing circle we’ll come back together as a group, share take aways, and enjoy a live meditative sound bath. When our youngest members are restless, you can get involved with making the music!

“Before the weekend, I felt tired, stressed, and stuck. Over the weekend I’ve gained peace, attainable goals, energy, and inspiration” ~Bryn S.

Give yourself permission to slow down, check in, and renew! Taking care of the people in your life, begins with taking care of you.

“Over the weekend I’ve gained stillness, inner quiet, and permission to move forward.” ~Cassie K.

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Anna Shalray, is a loss and rainbow mom, partnering with women to optimize hormonal health, brave the challenges of medically and/or emotionally complex pregnancies, and create a nourished postpartum season, utilizing the tools of her training as a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and RYT-200hr and Pre/Postnatal Yoga Teacher.

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