Creating a strategic personalized road-map, is essential for any lifestyle change, but you also need a hand to hold as you execute your plan!  We all know what to do, theoretically, but actually taking steps consistently, that are in line with our visions and values, and that fit realistically into our lives… is typically where the struggle begins, and the efforts end. 

       Support and accountability make all the difference. As we work together, I will help to expedite your results and make your life easier. I will walk alongside you offering an attentive ear, and lots of encouragement, as I hold space for your growth, every step of the way.

     I’m here to help you create the small manageable shifts that enable lasting change. Little by little, these daily intentional pivots will empower you to create a lifestyle you love. I’m here to help lighten the load, and keep you moving forward in a way that feels good for you, and fits flexibly into your hectic schedule. 

    Our work together offers you the support you need to stay aligned with your purpose, motivated on the tough days, and calm on the crazy ones, so that you have the freedom to make an impact, be present, and build a beautiful future for yourself and your family!


Depending on your individual needs, topics we’ll discuss in our time together include: 

 Understanding your starting place. Clarifying your desires, as we reconnect with your sense of identity, vision, and values

 Quick and easy self-care strategies, to provide tools for stress and anxiety reduction, and develop a mindfulness practice

 Creating your Nutritional Roadmap. Making food work for your body, schedule, and family’s needs

 Staying the Course. Working through fear, roadblocks and setbacks, and creating strategies for long-term success and alignment

 Simplifying your routine to increase productivity and organization. Deepening communication and strengthening relationships

 Crowding out the crap to create a healthier home and a happier you. Together we’ll celebrate shifts, build momentum, and increase your community as you share your journey with others

You’ll Get: 

 (1) 90-minute Roadmap Strategy Intensive

 (6) 90-minute One-on-one sessions with me. ***

 Access to the full “Ideal Innerstate, Journey to a Healthy You” Program ($997 Value)

 An emailed summary of notes, and a recording of your sessions, for your personal reference and use.

 VIP Email Access and FB Messenger  Access in between calls whenever you need extra support

 Additional resources and materials, such as recipes, handouts, and videos, based on your needs.

*** These sessions can be scheduled over the course of 3 months (Traditional biweekly sessions) or over 8 weeks (Fast-track weekly sessions) 

INVESTMENT: $3500 paid in full 

or 3 monthly payments of $1250

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 Anna  Shalray
Anna Shalray

Anna Shalray, is a loss and rainbow mom, partnering with women to optimize hormonal health, brave the challenges of medically and/or emotionally complex pregnancies, and create a nourished postpartum season, utilizing the tools of her training as a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and RYT-200hr and Pre/Postnatal Yoga Teacher. 

Connect with Anna, HERE.

Anna works with her clients to help them make simple lifestyle shifts, that produce real and lasting results. 

Her education, and decades experience as a nanny, has equipped her with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, preventive health, lifestyle management techniques, Pre/postnatal + family yoga, mindfulness, child development, and family enrichment. Drawing on these skills her client have found great success around a range goals from weight loss, stress reduction, productivity, and menu planning to establishing sustainable self-care practices, deepening personal relationships, and re-balancing hormones improving fertility and pregnancy outcomes.

By receiving this support you’ll find you have YOUR time back to do the things you want, while feeling lighter, more vibrant, and energetic. You will be able to focus on being more present and connected , while naturally creating growth + enrichment opportunities for your family.

From mindset to meal time…from yoga to productivity… 

Anna's here to help you find your groove!

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