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You are working everyday to support your body mentally, physically, and emotionally, but your body is still sending you little messages that something is off. You’ve tried to make some shifts, to incorporate supportive practices into your routine.

~ You’re getting in some movement on a regular

~ You eat well as often as you can

~ You are even adding in some extras like supplements, and self-care, journaling, and mindfulness activities

BUT for some reason, it never feels like enough, and trying to “stick with it“ on your own, leaves you stuck in a vicious cycle of feeling deafeated, overwhelmed, and depleted.

Are You-

  • Longing for relief from life-disrupting symptoms like: brain fog, inflammation, fertility challenges, embarrassing acne, or the topsy turvy emotional rollercoaster ride that makes each moment feel like a game of Guess Who…

  • Overwhelmed from managing all the things, and struggling to maintain your sense of self  

  • Lacking community connection and wanting to put your well-being back on the priority list

  • Ready to develop a deeper understanding and connection to your body’s monthly rhythms so that you can break free from, cyclical (or unending) hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, digestive issues, brain-fog, fatigue, pelvic pain, irregular or absent cycles

  • Searching for the roots of your symptoms, and frustrated from the lack of answers, and clarity from your care team

  • Feeling depleted and isolated? Lacking the mental availability, and support to show for your life well

  • Cautiously trying to conceive after the pain of loss, and/or fertility struggles

  • Paralyzed by a cycle of negative self-talk, fear, and doubt, that leave you feeling stuck, and overwhelmed

  • Looking to nourish yourself well, and optimize your hormones and health, through preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond

  • Ready to make a change to regulate your cycle and support your overall long-term well-being, but at a loss for where to start

I get it! It’s a lot to figure out…

And I’m here to tell you, there is no “one size fits all”  solution, because you are a unique, bold, beautiful soul.

You deserve hand-holding support and a personalized path that takes into account your own individual experiences and goals, while considering your actual life, story, and routine.

We weren’t made to do this alone.

 The research is strong that for us as women, trying to wade through the stresses of life in isolation, is actually doing us more harm than good. We need to “tend and befriend.” We were designed for interconnected social support, to help our body’s feel safe and secure, each step of the way.

That’s why I’ve created the Hormone Ease Membership Community!

This is Your Place to:

✨ Get to know and nourish your body on a deeper level by understanding the symptoms of hormonal imbalance, plus how to hear + understand what your body is trying to tell you

✨  Learn simple movement and stress reducing practices to help you feel at ease throughout your cycle

✨ Gain quick and easy nutrient dense food options (along with a foolproof prep plan) that fuel your energy without hours upon hours in the kitchen

✨ Create a routine that leaves room for YOU and your well-being

And SO much MORE!

✨ All held in the container of COMMUNITY support.

I know you’re probably frustrated knowing that something is off, and wondering how to fix what’s going and get back to balance + feel good, in a way that is actually realistic in your busy life!

The truth is when you get to know your body, and support her well through strategic lifestyle shifts, balancing your hormones is a natural side effect.

Feeling better doesn’t have to be a struggle. Your menstrual cycle, your mood, and health, don’t have to feel like this mysterious thing that happens to you. 

Our work together increases your energy, and decreases your stress, through simple, sustainable lifestyle shifts, mindfulness, movement, and nutrition.

Together we will follow your body’s clues and get to the roots, and put you back in the driver's seat of optimizing your well-being. 

Here’s what you can expect:

  • An ever expanding resource library filled with nutritional information (including body literacy education, mindful eating, healthy substitutions, quick and easy menu planning with recipes, and hormonal + gut health related topics as well as pre/postnatal support), mindfulness exercises (including journaling prompts, meditations, breath based exercises), And pre-recorded movement practices (yoga, HIIT, restorative, pre/postnatal, family) for each phase of your cycle and life. Updated weekly!

  • Weekly group calls on Zoom. We’ll spend time together each week digging into what’s happening in your individual wellness journey, while holding compassionate space for all the feels, challenges, and wins! Calls are held monthly, and it’s recommended that you attend at least twice per month to get the most from our time together.

  •  Live movement sessions and guest speakers based on group interests and desires. Experts from a variety of fields will come in from time to time to deepen our knowledge around their field as it applies to our groups expressed needs. (Ex:Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, Body Confidence Dance, Marriage and Family Therapist, Financial Coach,  Alignment Educator, Birth Workers, etc) 

  • Voxer support between sessions

  • A confidential, safe space to come as you are without judgement, fear, or expectation!

  • A community of women to journey with you!

Hi I’m Anna Shalray.

I’m a loss and rainbow mom, partnering with women to optimize hormonal health, brave the challenges of medically and/or emotionally complex pregnancies, and create a nourished postpartum season, utilizing the tools of my training as a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and RYT-200hr and Pre/Postnatal Yoga Teacher.
As a Holistic Practitioner my work with clients, is based around the understanding of the mind-body connection. We know gut health, hormonal imbalances, metabolism, and weight management go hand in hand with our mood, mental health, and relationships with the people in our lives. It’s ALL connected!

Community gives us a solid foundation To ground down into, and a safety net in which to land.

I believe it’s time to shift the linear paradigm and begin to dig deeper into those little whispers (or loud siren calls) your body is sending. Together we will get to Know your body and her cyclical nature, so that we can Nourish her back to balance with EASE.

So instead of forcing or coercing,

Are you ready to move WITH your body, instead of against it?


I put this group together to make sure we each have a hand to hold, a safety net, and container on our individual wellness journey’s. Community is a foundational element of making our membership a safe enriching place to land. With that said I ask that, if you know this is where you need to be, that you commit at least three months to yourself and to our group. This will allow you to build momentum, implement small shifts, create a supportive routine, and feel and see changes in your hormones, symptoms, and health!

Join the party for $97, with payments auto-renewing monthly. Or ONE annual payment of $997. 

3 month minimum commitment, with month to month thereafter.

What happens if I have what I need and am ready to exit?

 Please email your cancellation request to with 30 days advance notice, to ensure that you will not be charged in the following payment cycle.

 Anna  Shalray
Anna Shalray

Anna Shalray, is a loss and rainbow mom, partnering with women to optimize hormonal health, brave the challenges of medically and/or emotionally complex pregnancies, and create a nourished postpartum season, utilizing the tools of her training as a Certified Holistic Health Coach, and RYT-200hr and Pre/Postnatal Yoga Teacher. 

Connect with Anna, HERE.

Anna works with her clients to help them make simple lifestyle shifts, that produce real and lasting results. 

Her education, and decades experience as a nanny, has equipped her with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, preventive health, lifestyle management techniques, Pre/postnatal + family yoga, mindfulness, child development, and family enrichment. Drawing on these skills her client have found great success around a range goals from weight loss, stress reduction, productivity, and menu planning to establishing sustainable self-care practices, deepening personal relationships, and re-balancing hormones improving fertility and pregnancy outcomes.

By receiving this support you’ll find you have YOUR time back to do the things you want, while feeling lighter, more vibrant, and energetic. You will be able to focus on being more present and connected , while naturally creating growth + enrichment opportunities for your family.

From mindset to meal time…from yoga to productivity… 

Anna's here to help you find your groove!

Meet Anna

Hop into the Craving Clean Community, where like-minded gorgeous ladies share recipes, connection, and encourage one another on their journey to wellness!

Course Curriculum

Getting Started!
Vision Setting
Preconception Prep FREE PREVIEW
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Journal/Voxer About It!
Envision An Ideal You
Create Space for a Positive Mindset
Make Space
Inspiration Pit Stop: Spotlight on Gratitude
Positive Practice
Inspiration Pit Stop: Spotlight on Fear
What Would You Do If You Weren't Afraid?
Transforming Fear During Big Transitions
Early Morning Pages
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Happy Healthy Hormone Basics
Happy Healthy Hormones, Made Easy
Happy Healthy Hormones, Made Easy (Link to View)
Body Literacy
Egg + Sperm Quality
Healthy Cervical Mucus
Luteal Phase Issues
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Done in 5!
Eating for Each Phase of Your Menstrual Cycle
The Making of a Mindful Mouth
What's On My Plate?
Menu Planning Cheat Sheet
Grocery List
Healthy Substitutions
Lunch Box Ideas
Dirty Dozen, Clean Fifteen
Crowding Out: Controversial Ingredients
Navigating Labels
Deconstructing Cravings
The Facts on Fats
Glorious Greens
Adding in More Green
Great Grains
Powerhouse Proteins
Understanding Portion Sizes
Hormone Ease Menu
Menstruation + Follicular Menu
Ovulatory + Luteal Menu
Quick & Easy Menu
Happy Menu
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Mindful Self-Care
Done in 10!
Healthy Sleep
Creating a Routine You LOVE
Meditation for Anger & Frustration
Amp Up Your Energy
Hot Water Bottle
Healthy At Home
Hot Towel Scrub
Tongue Cleaner
Love Your Finances
Budget Basics
Balancing Work and Home Life
Love Your Relationships: Overcoming Conflict
Love Your Relationship: Communication Basics
Love Languages
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Slowing Down Movement Luteal + Menstrual Phases FREE PREVIEW
Energized Sculpt Series Follicular + Ovulatory Phases FREE PREVIEW
Why Move?
Flow for Digestion
Flow for Length + Strength
Yoga for Energy
Flow to Hip Open + Stretch
Yoga for Heart Opening
Holiday Warm & Cozy Yoga Sculpt
10 minute Cardio + Booty Work
10 minute Deep Core Activation
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Building Baby: Pre/Postnatal Resources
Prenatal Nutrition
Prenatal Yoga
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