We all want to be present with our families, in the moment, and involved.

But we find ourselves incessantly checking our phones, with our minds stuck on work, bills, household tasks, or the fifteen other to-dos we need to accomplish today.

Our every effort to engage becomes thwarted by distraction.

Somehow our world’s become heavier.

But, they don’t have to be.

We can reclaim that childlike presence.


By giving ourselves Permission To Play

Adding more fun into your day, crowds out some of the overwhelm, by giving us a much needed reset, so that we can focus on what matters most: being engaged, focused, and fully present with those we love!

Does this sound like you?

You wake up feeling sluggish and cranky, after hitting the alarm clock a few too many times..

The brain fog is lifted slightly by a few cups of coffee, only to return with a vengeance mid-afternoon. This leads to a trip to the vending machine for one more pick me up.

By the time you finally reach your bed, the to-do list in your head begins.

Maybe a sleeping pill will help you dream.

You’re exhausted, and frustrated.

I get it.

Your brain won’t shut off, and you know tomorrow holds another roller coaster ride of sugar, caffeine, and longing for clarity.

Look I’ve been there anxiety kept me up at night, and stimulants kept me moving through the day…

But I knew this wasn’t working for me. I was burnt out and overwhelmed.

So I started to make a few small manageable shifts, and I'd love to share them with you!

If you are feeling drained and want to get off the ride...

Hop into this FREE 5 Day Energy AMP UP

Together we will:

  1. Crowd Out Lethargy, so that you can show up fully in your life feeling confident, comfortable, and vibrant!
  2. Cut Cravings: Discover how to fuel your body well, and make simple shifts that enable sustained energy, without the afternoon slump.
  3. Create More Time in Your Day, so that you can have FUN, be productive, and manage all of the moving parts with ease!

What you get:

  • Eating for Energy Meal Plan with Grocery List
  • Video Trainings with Simple Action Steps
  • Yoga for Energy (beginner friendly flow)
  • Access to a 1-1 strategy call with me to help you implement what you’ve learned!

 Anna  Shalray
Anna Shalray

Anna Shalray helps women entrepreneurs who are ready for support and accountability as they create a Healthy Lifestyle + Happy Home + Thriving Business, by streamlining processes to make life easier and more productive, and creating more time for relaxation and enjoying the important things. Anna lightens your load and empowers your management of motherhood, health, and business, through customized one on one support, to create a personalized, strategic roadmap, which takes into account your individual experiences, strengths, and every day schedule.

Ultilizing  the tools of her training as an  Institute for Integrative Nutrition Certified Holistic Health Coach and a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200hr), Anna works with her clients to help them make simple lifestyle shifts, that produce real and lasting results. 

Her education, and decades experience as a nanny, has equipped her with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, preventive health, lifestyle management techniques, yoga, mindfulness, child development, and family enrichment. Drawing on these skills her client have found great success around a range goals from weight loss, stress reduction, productivity, and menu planning to establishing sustainable self-care practices, deepening personal relationships, and re-balancing hormones improving fertility and pregnancy outcomes.

By receiving this support you’ll find you have YOUR time back to do the things you want, and grow your business, while feeling lighter, more vibrant, and energetic. You will be able to focus on being more present and connected as a mom and wife, while naturally creating enrichment opportunities for your family.

From mindset to meal time…from yoga to productivity…

Anna's here to help you find your groove!

Meet Anna

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5 Day Energy Amp Up
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Eating for Energy
Clean Eating Grocery List
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Yoga for Energy
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Your Trailblazing Session
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