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Lauren's Journey: "The sessions were really eye opening, and really showed me ways to focus on the little things in life that I could make changes instead of having to change everything about everything I do every single day... I have a better outlook when I Iook at food. When I look at what I'm making for my family, when I look at meals, when I go to the grocery store and when I shop, I am more aware of what I'm buying and I think more about the ingredients of the food, I think more about the preparation of the food. I look for ways to substitute... I've found ways to drink more water... I do have a huge list of recipes... I would definitely put this to women who work full time, moms that have full time jobs outside the house that need some sort of way to reduce their stress through time management, and changing the little things in your life..."

Self-Guided Program is a 12 week program, that you have unlimited access to.

No membership fees, or annual renewals, and you receive any future upgrades or added content free of charge.

After you register you will receive a “Welcome” email with everything you need to get started.

A new, actionable, module will be released to you, every other week for 12 weeks. 

Each module has been carefully crafted with videos, audio, and handouts so that you can easily implement the program into your busy life from any device.

Shannon's Journey: "I was living on pizza and cereal... I wanted to feel better, and healthier and have more energy, and feel better about myself... I felt like you understood where I was coming from and the struggles that I had and the reason behind why I was eating the way I was out of convenience and habit Then you didn't try to revamp everything I ever was nice that I could slowly work towards the changes I wanted to make without doing anything drastic that I would have abandoned. .... Total revamp of how I look at life, and how I look at food, and where I find my peace and joy. I don't crave food anymore,so foods more about eating for what I need and what feels good, which is totally NEW! I've always lived,"I'm craving pizza," so I have pizza. "I'm craving Mexican," so I have Mexican. The food drove the decisions, and NOW the overall goal of BEING HEALTHY is what drives the decisions. I moved to Florida. I felt like I was free to make my own decisions, and take care of my own life. I lost 51 pounds. I sleep better. I have more energy. My joints don't hurt. (I would recommend this program to) people who are stuck.... anyone is struggling with how to do enough nutritionally, and the right portions, and how to do it in day today life. I appreciate you helping to get me where I am healthy and happy again!"

Christina's Journey "I was not really knowing what direction to go. I was hoping to find different ways to exercise, and be encouraged... to have a mentor and someone to have my back, and check on the diet I was eating, and give me suggestions as to different ways to modify, and different ideas of how to go about getting my meal planning together. I really had a great time! You are so nice and comfortable. I felt an immediate friendship with you. I have found a better way to motivate myself... the best ways to get my nutrition. I think this is for everybody, from healthy the the middle: who know what to do, but need the kick to do it! Your support, and your kindness, and the way you were willing to find answers to my questions, or even things I hadn't thought of... I just really recommend you to anyone!"

Module 1- Origins: Understanding Your Starting Place

Creating lifelong change requires understanding your starting place. “If you do the thing you’ve always done, you will get what you have always gotten.” Is what you are doing right now working for you? What does an “Ideal You” look like. How do you feel?

In this module you will discover what fuels you, identify obstacles that have kept you stuck, and gain the tools to plot your course to your own “Ideal Life.”

You are not alone. Introduce yourself, and delve into the thriving private Ideal Innercircle Community.

Module 2- First steps: Clarifying your Vision

Is there room in your world for you? Life is busy. It can be difficult to set aside time for yourself, but you cannot pour from an empty vessel. Create a more vibrant life, build your confidence, challenge fears, and declare your intentions!

In this module you will find relaxation, joy, and endless energy, as you balance portion sizes through mindful eating.

Find a buddy. Partner up and support one another in the Ideal Innercircle Community.

Module 3- Nutritional Roadmap: Sustainably Simple Small Manageable Shifts

Food is fuel. Is your current menu leaving you feeling groggy, emotional, or constipated? Are you confused on what foods are healthy or how to find them? Let's work together to improve your immune system, crowd out lethargy and processed foods, by gradually add in more goodness.

In this module you will discover the foods that work best for your unique body and lifestyle.

Access accountability as you make lifestyle shifts,with the Ideal Innercircle Community.

Module 4- Understanding Detours: Staying the Course

Nobody’s perfect.We all fall off course from time to time. On our own, it take a while to get back on track. Together we will create go to practices that will keep you en route and add more sweetness into life!

In this module we will deconstruct and overcome cravings.

Enjoy giving. Practice active listening and encouragement. Share your ideas and struggles in the Ideal Innercircle Community.

Module 5- Baggage Claim

Create more happy, but where will you put it? It’s time to work through some baggage and claim your stuff.

In this module you will cultivate contentment and freedom, as you balance relationships, spirituality, work and home life.

Slow down and celebrate shifts.

Module 6 - Destination Transformation

You made it!

In this module you will take a look back, review and reassess your progress.

Celebrate your accomplishments and what’s next on your journey with the Ideal Innercircle Community!

 Anna  Shalray
Anna Shalray

Anna Shalray helps women entrepreneurs who are ready for support and accountability as they create a Healthy Lifestyle + Happy Home + Thriving Business, by streamlining processes to make life easier and more productive, and creating more time for relaxation and enjoying the important things. Anna lightens your load and empowers your management of motherhood, health, and business, through customized one on one support, to create a personalized, strategic roadmap, which takes into account your individual experiences, strengths, and every day schedule.

Ultilizing  the tools of her training as an  Institute for Integrative Nutrition Certified Holistic Health Coach and a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200hr), Anna works with her clients to help them make simple lifestyle shifts, that produce real and lasting results. 

Her education, and decades experience as a nanny, has equipped her with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, preventive health, lifestyle management techniques, yoga, mindfulness, child development, and family enrichment. Drawing on these skills her client have found great success around a range goals from weight loss, stress reduction, productivity, and menu planning to establishing sustainable self-care practices, deepening personal relationships, and re-balancing hormones improving fertility and pregnancy outcomes.

By receiving this support you’ll find you have YOUR time back to do the things you want, and grow your business, while feeling lighter, more vibrant, and energetic. You will be able to focus on being more present and connected as a mom and wife, while naturally creating enrichment opportunities for your family.

From mindset to meal time…from yoga to productivity…

Anna's here to help you find your groove!

Meet Anna

Hop into the Craving Clean Community, where like-minded gorgeous ladies share recipes, connection, and encourage one another on their journey to wellness!

Module 1 Origins: Understanding Your Starting Place
Health History
Fuel Up!
Custom Compass
Develop Your Direction
An Ideal You
Plot Your Course
What Would You Do?
Inspiration Pit Stop: Spotlight on Gratitude
Action Steps
Ideal Innercircle Discussion Question
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Module 2 First Steps: Clarifying Your Vision
Create Space for a Positive Mindset
Progress Tracker
Take A Breath...
Tips to Better Sleep
Creating Mindfulness
Mindful Mouth
The Making of a Mindful Mouth
Portion Sizes
Portion Size Guide
Positive Practice
Inspiration Pit Stop: Spotlight on Fear
Action Steps
Ideal Innercircle Discussion Question
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Module 3 Nutritional Road-map: Sustainably Simple Small Manageable Shifts
Sustainably Simple Small Manageable Shifts
Nutritional Roadmap
Glorious Greens
Adding In More Green
Great Grains
Cooking Grains
Protein Perspective
Explore Protein
Protein Powerhouse
Plant Based Living
Phat Fats
Navigating Labels
Inspiration Pit Stop: Spotlight on Accountability
Action Steps
Ideal Innercircle Discussion Question
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Module 4 Detours: Staying the Course
Halfway Point
Celebrate Shifts
Deconstructing Cravings
Sweet Sensational Vegetables
Natural Sweeteners
Empowering Movement
Ideal Lifestyle
Inspiration Pit Stop: Spotlight on Focus
Action Steps
Ideal Innercircle Discussion Question
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Module 5 Baggage Claim
Baggage Claim
Balancing Act
Budget Basics
Relationships: Overcoming Conflict Through Clear Communication
Love Languages
Healthy Home
Ideal Organization
Clean Sweep
Inspiration Pit Stop: Spotlight on Slowing Down
Action Steps
Ideal Innercircle Discussion Question
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Module 6 Destination Transformation
Destination Transformation
Custom Compass Review
Return Your Custom Compass Review
Digging Deeper
Action Steps
Ideal Innercircle Discussion Question
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Menu Planning Cheat Sheet
Healthy Shopping List
Kitchen Setup
Tips on Storing Organic Produce
What is an Essential Oil?
How Do I Use Essential Oils?
DIY Essential Oils for Self-Care and Life
Essential Oils in the Kitchen
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